Baseball cards

I started collecting cards when I was just a kid who loved sports – though I guess anyone can have their own reasons to collect baseball cards. For some it’s a hobby, while for others an investment. Whatever it used to be I can look back sentimentally on the days as an active collector – turns out I did a pretty good job. George Divel’s baseball card sets on

Keepsakes for the love of the game

Keepsakes for the love of the game

Over the years I bought and sold cards, but I still like leafing through my sets and seeing the players. While I would get cards from hobby shops, I would also get them from garage sales and even from the fathers of some of my friends.

I treasure my old sets of cards best because in the 1990s there was a glut of card production that not only took much of the fun out of card collecting, but also the satisfaction of securing top players – the kids’ game had grown up to be a money business.

I won’t say it was ruined, but the thrill was certainly gone from contemporary card collecting.

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