Mega yachts in the sky

Someone, and my guess is Vladimir Putin, bought 747 for personal use. Estimated cost for this sky vehicle is $600 million.

Continues Yahoo: A ridiculously tricked-out Boeing 747-8, whose interior was refurbished by Washington-based Greenpoint Technologies, has just been delivered to an unidentified private owner. According to the Robb Report, it’s the first Boeing 747-8 (which is Boeing’s largest passenger jet) to receive Greenpoint’s VIP treatment. And it is stunningly luxurious.

A master bedroom so large that allows you to scoff at the lie-flat first class seats in which “the paupers” are forced to recline:

giant 747 private jet

naptime because i’m so bored on my giant private jet

And here I am longing for the creature comforts of first-class on commercial!

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